Lester's Point

Lester in a Maze

My name is Lester. I am a dragon. And I moved into this lair about four years ago. At that time, I wasn't too keen on its name... since it implied that I, myself, must be a pointless dragon. But since my many calls for help, I've been receiving wonderfully pointless stories about other dragons from all my friends, winged and otherwise. And as my horde has begun to grow, some folks in my neighborhood have at least begun to consider that I am not the object of pointlessness.

I wish to continue to grow my horde of stories, so that one day I will be able to go out flying through my neighborhood without drawing any snears or disapproving looks. So, my friends, there is still more work to be done. I'm reigniting my campaign, asking for your help once again. Please send me your stories.

As always, I am the first to admit that any story is pointless if it is not about a dragon. But that is not a pointless dragon story. So, I am not interested in collecting and reading stories that do not include at least one dragon. Now, with that said, if the dragon is only tangential to the story, that's okay - in fact, that's a pointless dragon story for sure. And, of course, any story that is not about me is especially pointless.

Birthday Gift (plus a bonus gift)

For my nephew's 1st Birthday.
Posted are stories found in a lost forgotten cave in Central Asia.


As you all may not know, I am Chezzi. I am in charge of human communications for Lester's little horde of stories hobby. My job is to keep humans out of his lair for their safety as well as my own. Have you ever tried living with a compulsive organizing and easily raged dragon? It's not my chest of gold.

Anywho, I was messaged by a young human girl about a gift for her brother. I, having no interest in human's societal culture, am clueless to the specialty of this particular gift, it had something to do with 21 years of living. Not really something to be proud of, I think, but then again I am not human.

Valentines Day!

It’s Lester here, and apparently I slept through our annual story drive. I’m just now coming back to my senses following the herd-of-cows-induced coma from postprandial hypoglycemia. So, looking at your year/month/day based time measurement tool it looks like its close to that day all you humans get all puppy dog eyed and…

…okay I’m back. Just reminded myself how hungry I was after such a long sleep. Where was I? Oh, puppy dogs. I love puppy dogs.

In honor of (or irreverence to) Valentines Day, I am looking to add more stories about dragons to my trove. Please send me your yarns… I’ll be collecting them through the rest of the month of February. You should chose a pseudonym… that will keep it anonymous, its fun for other folks to guess who wrote what. So please help by contributing a story, and don’t hesitate to invite other folks, thanks.

Last year my human said he’d be updating the site at some point to automatically accept submissions… he is way too lazy, so as I expected, that may have to wait ‘til next year. Yeah, I left that last line in from the previous drive to shame my human into action… doubtful though. And I don’t even understand how he can be so lazy given how little he eats… I mean really, a little teeny slab of beef or quarter chicken per night time meal. I pick that stuff out of my teeth. So for now, email your new stories to me (lester@pointlessdragonstories.com). Don’t forget to include with your story, your pen name and the title.

I am here,